Butterfly Flower

Butterfly Flower” by Q. Rumbley

Finished this little piece up earlier this week and now I’m turning my attention back to working on my Scarlet Macaw. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this endless sea of red. But as I get ready to get back to inking, I’m wondering if maybe I should throw in a few blue feathers to add some contrast. What do you think, keep all the feathers red or throw in a few blue ones? I’m suggesting blue because, well, I have a limited color palette. Macaw parrots are pretty color creatures with red, green, yellow and blue feathers. I don’t have any green or yellow micron pens to go with the red but I do have an orange and a blue. What do you think? Feel free to offer your suggestions in the comments. 😌

A Art Card Diptych Drawing

In response to feeling a bit stir crazy from all the red ink I’ve been stippling on my Scarlet Macaw, I decided to take a brief break to work on a smaller project. I’m calling this piece “Butterfly Flowers”. It’s a drawing that’s actually drawn across two art cards. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of using two cards before but I find it to be a neat little idea to create a diptych piece on art cards. I may even try doing triptych in the future.

Anyhoo, I was in the mood for something that involved butterflies and flowers. This was inspired by a few tattoo designs and has a more design feel to it. I’ll get back to the Macaw when I finish this one but I have to admit, this was a much needed break, I was starting to resent that red parrot for how much work it required. Ever get angry at your own artwork?

Layers Of Red

Layers, upon layers of red…will it ever end?
Just a brief update. I can’t say that I’ve gotten much done on my Scarlet Macaw. My other half, my dear hubby, had hernia surgery last week and well, I’ve been more focused on taking care of him as he gets better. Thankfully his recovery is going well and today I was able to get some inking done. This week I’ll be back to business as usual, so stay tuned for further updates. 😊

For The Long Haul

“Scarlet Macaw” (wip)

Originally I had planned to just do the head of this Macaw in red and use my artistic license to do the feathers in black. But as I was finishing up the head portion, I just said, “Oh what the hell, keep going with the red.” It’s more work to stipple in color, especially when you want those colors to look vibrant. A lot of layering is involved but so far so good. Unfortunately though, this piece will probably take longer to complete than I’m used to. This will definitely be a test of my patience but I’m in it for the long haul. 😊

No, This Isn’t Heaven

“Scarlet Macaw” (wip)

No, this is not heaven, it’s Traverse City.” a sign read as we pulled into city limits. It was a bit of a bold statement but within two hours of taking a walk on the marina, meeting some locals and taking a drive on the Peninsula, I discovered just how true it was.

Last week my hubby and I took our last gateway for the year to the more northern part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. I’ve lived here for 30 years now and have never been up north despite the fact that it’s the place majority of residents go when they want to get away. So we made the trip to what I now consider to be Michigan’s “Wine Country” and spent a few days just soaking it all in. It was a lovely trip. The natural scenery was beautiful. The locals were friendly and welcoming. The food was delicious and if you’re into wine, craft brew and cider, Traverse City is definitely a place for you. The vineyards on Old Mission Peninsula are gorgeous retreats for wine tasting and a great place to just relax. Before leaving the Peninsula, Jon and I made our way to the 45th Parallel to see the Old Mission Point Lighthouse where I got this wonderful shot of the lighthouse that just might end up being a reference photo for my next drawing.

Since being back I’ve been stuck a bit in vacation mode so my progress has been somewhat slow on my Scarlet Macaw. It’s taking me some time to get the red as vibrant as I would like but it’s coming along as you can see in the progress shot above. 😌