First Try At Creating Coloring Pages

I done went and did a thing. I took one of my carving designs and turned it into a printable coloring page. I can’t remember exactly how or why I got this bright idea, all I know is that I found myself fussing at my computer for five hours trying to clean up my linework in Photoshop only to have to transfer it to Illustrator, which is a different beast altogether. It was definitely a learning experience but I think it turned out okay. The pictures above show the finished coloring page along with the original drawing and the carving I did from the drawing. Despite my fussing, knowing what I know now, there’s a good chance I may be doing a few more designs like this. 🙂

The Circles Have It


I have a thing for circles. Somehow they always sneak their way into my work, so it’s apparent my creative spirit has a thing for them. Maybe it symbolizes something buried in my subconscious or is some emotional metaphor of my psyche. Who knows. I just like round things.
My current infatuation with the sphere comes from the influence of Ralph D. Scott, another pen and ink artist featured in a 1996 article in Drawing Highlights. I had never thought of framing my work in a circle until rediscovering some of Scott’s drawings. So I thought “Hmmm, I wanna try that.” And now, here I am, sketching out hummingbirds and Indian Mallow in a circle frame. If this turns out well I may start using a circle to frame and structure my drawings more often. It seems to create more of a focal point that draws you in the way that looking through a keyhole focuses your eye to a specific area.

Kneeling Man

There is one thing more valuable than gold. Time. Time, once spent can not be bought back. As we get older, or at least from our 30s through our 60s, our bank account of time dwindles with the demands of everyday life, only to be partially replenished once we retire, if we’re so lucky to do so. When I set out to tackle the drawing “Kneeling Man” I had a lot of time, patience and focus to spend at least one hour a day after my second shift job to complete this 14×17 space of stippled ink within 30 days. I had no distractions then. No spouse, no looming bills and no internet. It was just me, my room, a bowl of Rice-A-Roni and my pens. The typical life of a community college student with a lot of energy to burn. For the sake of my art I sometimes long for those days; the days of less distractions and concerns…and no internet.