Meditating On Tao


“I search for peace,

Prepare for war,

And close my eyes and pray,

To One that eyes can not behold…” ~ The Unloved

When You Stick With It Things Unfold


Some projects can be a little difficult to get through. Sometimes you may even abandon a project until a later date due to waning enthusiasm. I started off doing the linework for this drawing feeling pretty excited and had a clear vision of the finished image already planted in my mind. Yet oddly enough, once I started laying in the ink I realized I wasn’t completely feeling’ the direction it was going in. The thing with ink, despite it’s simplicity, is that it’s rather unforgiving. Once you lay it down there’s no picking it back up. So ever dot and stroke has to be sure. But I wasn’t feeling so sure with this one. Sometimes when I feel like this I’ll just start over. Other times I’ll put it off until another time and go start on another project that has my interest.

This time though, I stuck with it. I made it up in my mind that I would see it through even if the drawing didn’t turn out as I had envisioned.  After some time and more ink my feelings begun to change. As the face and form of my subject became more fleshed out with each carefully placed dot, I regained my initial enthusiasm and more. What started out as a drawing where I wanted to merge elements of nature with human form now seem to evoke an untold story, a story that is saying something still yet to unfold. I now find myself eager to finish to see what lies behind the eyes of this creature I call Chrysalis.