Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

I’ve been a bit under the weather over the past couple of weeks and therefore more focused on getting back to being healthy rather than drawing. But fortunately over the past two days I’ve been feeling better and was able to get started on a new ACEO. Gracing my drawing board today is a base sketch of an egret with cattails that I found to be a bit cute in a peculiar kinda way. A little tidbit I learned about egrets is that they are not the same as cranes, which is what I thought. Actually they’re more so a type of heron, which is another bird I thought was the same as a crane. In actuality herons and cranes are two distinct birds. I won’t get into the differences between the two but if you look at the pictures below maybe you can spot some of them.  As the saying goes, you learn something new each day. 🙂


Furry Little Terrors From Above

“Chiroptera” (wip)

How did I come to have a fear of bats? Well it happened one evening at dusk. I was sitting on the porch with a few friends laughing and joking around as typical teenagers do. At first no one was really paying much attention to the small winged creature flying in erratic circles above. I had only given it a glance and assumed it was a bird when a friend of mine said “Hey, is that a bat?” When I went to look at it again it disappeared over the roof and I gave it no further thought.
“That is a bat.” she proclaimed as all four us quickly turned our attention to the sky. It had reappeared and this time it was circling lower. My two other friends gradually started to move away from the porch.
“Girl, I don’t know. That thing looks like it’s trying to get closer.” she spoke in a hushed tone. She and I were still sitting on the porch while the other two were steadily backing away. All was quiet as we watched the bat flying erratically above us. Suddenly in one full swoop it dipped down to our level. We ducked and scattered like ants in a fit screams and hollering. I lost my footing trying to jump off the porch and fell into some nearby bushes. My friends took off down the street. I laid there in the bushes for a moment, watching and waiting. I could hear my friends yell “Girl, we’ll see you tomorrow.” as they made their way home. I had decided I was gonna make a run for it to get in my house. The bat had dipped a third time over the porch now. As it went high again, I strung from the bushes, this time with sure footing, hopped over the steps, on to the porch and fell through the front door. Kicking it shut I laid there on the living room floor catching my breath. My father, sitting on the couch with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other yelled “Y’all stop making all that noise!”
…I ain’t like bats ever since.

“Moments” Progress

I will never complain about inking fur ever again. In my spree of drawing adorable animals I completely forgot how much stippling goes into doing hair. My pen is nearly dry and that wasn’t even the hard part. Anyhoo, here’s a quick snapshot of my progress on my latest art card drawing, “Moments”.

I Almost Forgot How

“Moments” (wip)

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn a human and I have to say I was a bit concerned as I was sketching out this base drawing, for a minute there I thought I forgot how to draw a face. For some reason it literally felt like my brain had to switch into some different mode just to complete this sketch. And to tax my brain even more, I’ll also be inking this in color, which is something I haven’t done in a while either. So I’ll have to pull out my little hand drawn color wheel to get myself familiar again.

I think I get why some artists stick to drawing just one or two types of subject matter, there’s less visual vocabulary you have to remember.
My brain hurts right now. 😯

For My Father

“Bison” by Q. Rumbley

A week ago I was doing a bit of research on North American animals when I came across an image of a bison. Upon looking at this iconic creature I immediately thought of my father which prompted me to look into any symbolic meaning that may be attached to them. Come to find out bisons are a symbol of strength and stubbornness, which definitely reminds me of my dad. So for the past couple of days I’ve been busy inking away on this drawing to give to my dear father for Father’s Day, who has been a pillar of consistency and dependability in my life…and from whom I probably get my stubbornness, according to my husband. 😊