It’s that time of the year where in my area you can get all four seasons in one day. I’ve been under the weather for a few days but a couple of bowls of chicken soup, with some Earl Grey tea and a few sugar cookies seems to have lifted my spirits to where I’m at 90% now. As a side note, I’ve never had Earl Grey tea before until now. I’m more of a Oolong lover from my frequent haunts at Chinese restaurants but a friend of mine sent me some Earl Grey and it’s been sitting in my tea drawer for a few months so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise I find it to be quite delightful. I’ve never been black tea drinker but now I see my Oolong will have to scoot over and make some room for Earl Grey.

Anyhoo, between my sour tummy and sore throat I managed to ink out a drawing, a piece I call “Gaze“. It took a bit to try and get the background stippled evenly and I can see a few spots where I could have evened it out some more but for the most part I think it looks even enough. I try not to over do things for fear of messing it up so I’m gonna leave it as is. I was also striving to get the woman to look like she was emerging out of the darkness. But because I’ve been staring at this thing for the past six days I can’t really judge as to whether I achieved that or not. Overall I think this piece came out fairly good. 😊

The Rose

I initially started off with the intentions of doing some Red Crowned cranes but I ended up here, with a rose. Guess that botanical itch won out over my thing for wings. Anyhoo, I’m calling this simply “The Rose“. Maybe I’ll get around to those cranes on my next ACEO. 😊

Western Gate

Legend has it Lao Tzu disappeared through the Western Gate leaving behind only a scroll of 5000 characters of mystical aphorisms later compiled into what is now called the Tao Te Ching, the foundational text of Taoist philosophy.

This artist card I’ve inked was inspired by that legend. Doing landscape pointillism drawings that are reminiscent of Chinese brush paintings is something that’s been on my artistic “to-do” list for about a year now. So while taking a break from my Peacock drawing for the evening, I decided to give it a go. How do you think I faired on my first attempt?