Cheetahs or Elephants?

“Honeybee” (wip)

So here’s a little progress shot of my third piece for my “Share The Earth” series. While I’ve been working on this I’ve been wondering what should I draw for my fourth and final piece for the series. So far it’s a toss up between cheetahs and elephants. I like both so it’s a little difficult to decide. What do you think? Which would you like to see drawn, an elephant or a cheetah? 😊


Sea Turtle

“Sea Turtle” by Q. Rumbley

Did you know the temperature of the sand where sea turtles lay their eggs effects the gender of the embryo? The warmer the sands are the more females are born. The cooler the sands, the more males are born. With rising climates and warmer temperatures more females are being born which could lead to an imbalance in the ratio of the genders and potentially a collapse in the sea turtle population.

This is my first completed piece for my four part art card series on animals effected by climate change. 😊

Lost In Peonies

Spring is just around the corner, so in celebration of the colorful bloom of the upcoming season, I added a splash of color to this piece. It just didn’t seem right to have a ladybug without its signature red hue. (Are male ladybugs still called ladybugs? 💁)

Anyhoo, thanks to you all who chimed in on helping me decide on the title for this. As you can see “Lost In Peonies” was the favorite, although “Death By Peonies” gave me a little chuckle everytime I thought about it.

Next up on my drawing board is a four piece series on animals effected by climate change. For now the snow leopard and green sea turtle are for sure on my list but I’m still debating on the other two. Maybe I’ll do the African elephant and cheetah or maybe the polar bear and panda. I’m also planning on offering a new product: printable art prints. These would be digital versions of my original works that you can purchase, download and print off yourself at home or take the file to a local printer and have them do it for you. I’m still working out the logistics but I’m really hoping this is something I can make happen without too much fuss. 😌

New Art Card

It’s been a minute since I’ve done an art card. I’ve been in the mood to do something floral and this is what I conjured up. The more I work on it the more it starts to look like a scene from some botanical horror flick…”Death By Peonies”. That ladybug looks like it’s about to fall off into an abyss of carnivorous anthers. 😲