Royal Tusk

Royal Tusk by Q. Rumbley

This little baby is now complete. I think it might be a while before I do another elephant drawing. I’ve done five total with this one being my third ACEO. Oh, just in case you’ve ever wondered what ACEO stands for, it means, “Art Card Editions and Originals”, which are baseball card size drawings that are created for trading or selling. It just dawned on me that I keep mentioning ACEO and people might not know what it means. Sorry for that oversight. I hope things are cleared up now.
Anyhoo, I’m off to do some more landscape pieces that I hopefully can turn into covers for another blank journal set. I’ve been itching to make some and have been coming up with themes to work on, so if all goes well I’ll be making two original ACEOs and one set of journals. I’ve got the month of March planned out for me. So if you’re into small original art and handmade illustrated journals, stay tuned. 

No More Superpowers

I stopped eating chocolate and that was the source of my superpowers, so I’ve been a bit slow on finishing this but progress is still coming along. After completing “Riverbed”, I’ve been thinking about doing two more landscape pieces featuring mountains. I’m looking forward to that project but until then wish me luck on learning how to function and create as a mere mortal.

Stippled Backgrounds

“Royal Tusk” (wip)

I’m revisiting one of my favorite drawing subjects, the elephant, on my latest ACEO project. As I’m getting started on this I’ve been thinking about doing a series of drawings of animal portraits with all black backgrounds and a few small embellishments, like what you see here in this portrait with the cattails on each side of the drawing. I’m kinda drawn to doing portraits like this because the stark blackness really brings out the animal’s face but also because I just like stippling black backgrounds. I noticed with most other pointillist/stipple artists this is avoided. Usually if the background is black, it’s painted in. My enjoyment in stippling backgrounds like this might be a sign that there’s a few cards missing from my deck but it could also be a signature element to my own style. Two of my other elephants drawings were done like this, so I can see a trend. What are your thoughts? What do you think about these all black, stippled backgrounds?

“See You”

That Time Of Life


I didn’t fall off the earth. I know it’s been about two weeks since my last post but I’m still here and still drawing. Unfortunately some family health issues had come up and that has had most of my attention for the time being. My hubby and I both have parents who are getting up in age so things are bound to happen with their health. Fortunately though, they are both doing better now and for the moment, we have been able to get back into the routine of thing. But the ordeal has left me feeling a bit emotionally exhausted, so I don’t really have much to talk about. I did however manage to complete the “Riverbed” drawing and a little something for Valentine’s Day called “Together”, as you can see once again penguins have graced my drawing board for something adorable. So far they’re my go to animal for when I want to convey something warm, cute and loving.


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My Patient Drawing Board

“Riverbed” (wip)

Finally the snow has come and it looks like winter outside my door. Up until this weekend the landscape has stayed in an Autumn state, which was unusual for this time of year. And for someone who actually looks forward to bundling up in sweaters, scarves and sipping on hot chocolate, I was starting to feel a bit depressed that there was no blanket of snow to greet me when I stepped outside my door. But Nature, if not always on time, she’s always faithful. We got a good 8 inches of snow over weekend along with freezing rain and gusts of wind, which was perfect for settling in for a few days and getting some work done.
Having been a bit distracted with other things and my Riverbed drawing has unfortunately been the victim of back burneritis (I just made that up). I had been feeling guilty about that. Thankfully my drawing board is forgiving and waited patiently for my return. I was able to get a little inking done over the weekend. It’s not much but it’s progress. I’m aiming to have this done by the weekend in between making pocket journals. To my surprise my “Buddha Tao” set has been well received and I’m having to replenish my stock more frequently than anticipated. I only make two sets at a time, so I have to spend a day getting those done. But that’s a welcomed problem I don’t mind having. I really enjoy making journals. 😀