Zines On My Mind

“Antelope Spirits” by Q. Rumbley

With “Antelope Spirits” now complete I’m ready to get back to drawing now. Currently I don’t have anything specific in mind, I just know I want to curl up on my couch with my mechanical pencil and a sketchbook and see what comes out. Along with wanting to get back to scribbling on some paper I’ve also been tossing around the idea of doing another little art zine, this time filled with well drawn out sketches and maybe even adding in some prose or micro stories. I’ve done one once before a few years back which you can glimpse a few pages of down below.
Zines (short for magazine) are a neat DIY way of self publishing. If you have a printer, a stapler and some paper you can pretty much create your own zine. And they’re pretty fun to make if you have the patience to put one together. I can see myself doing a few more in the future but for now the idea I have in mind will probably be a long term project, so in the meantime I have some sketching, writing and planning to do. 😊

Mini Art Zine

Have you ever done something and then completely forgotten about it only to come across it later and be like “Oh! I totally forgot I did this.” Here’s a little Friday flashback to a mini art zine collection of afro themed drawings I put together back in 2015 just for fun. Some of these drawings I haven’t shown or put up for purchase in my store, either because it was something I just did for myself or I felt they weren’t good enough to share…but they made into my little zine. Here’s a short clip of what’s inside. 😊

P.S. Personally I think doing zines are a fun and easy way to do your own self publishing. So I just might create some more in the future.