Voodoufairy III

I’ve completed the third drawing of my four part Voodoufairy series. Just one more to go. I’m hoping my Pigma Microns hold out for me. On this last one a few started to go dry but luckily I had some spares lying around. I’m sure after this next I’m be heading to Michael’s to get a new set, although, I’m wondering if buying some archival ink and using a dip pen would last longer. I’ll see some experiments coming up in the near future. 😊


Voodoufairy three work in progress drawing
Voodoufairy III (wip)

I don’t breathe, eat and sleep art. I really don’t live up to that cliche of the artist life. Being an artist is a delicate balance between the daily tasks of everyday living and creating art that I still have yet to master. But when I do turn my attention towards art whether it is my own work or the work of others, my spirit comes alive with awe. It is that liveliness that reminds me and lets me know that this is “my thing”. Other than the natural beauty of Nature in all of Her diverse forms, art is what makes my heart dance and creating it is my act of devotion to the Spirit that created me.