Thinking Of You

Well here’s the result of card making bug that bit me this weekend. I suspect that this itch won’t be going away soon. Actually I got into card making about two years ago when I simply got fed up with going to the store and having to search through a plethora of cards just to find one that resonated with me for the special people in my life. So with a little creativity I started making my own just for friends and family. But now, here I am making my first set. It’s a simple “Thinking Of You” note card created from an original sketch I did a while back. I made this from a heavy cardstock base and added a little message inside. It’s something simple and sweet and great for those thoughtful moments without a lot of fuss. I’ve been coming up with more ideas for future sets but I have to admit, as simple as they look there’s a lot involved in making cards. My brain feels like it’s been stretched a mile but now I feel a bit more crafty and having some fun learning along the way. 😊


One pitfall you have to look out for when you’re a creative is always getting sidetracked by other ideas when you’re already in the middle of a current project. I’m still working on my honeybee for my Share The Earth series but I just got hit by a strong urge to make cards. So I’ve been working on some simple color schemes and thinking about something for Mother’s Day. This bug has been biting at me for three days so I just had to scratch it. Hopefully something wonderful comes out of it. In the meantime here’s some progress on “Honeybee”. I didn’t know that bees were so furry. 😊