Red Squirrel

“Red Squirrel” by Q. Rumbley

Welp, here’s to my final piece for the year. With some focused effort I was able to get this little cutie finished this afternoon and listed in my store. For the next couple of days I’m just going to relax and try to get some organizing and planning done in order to bring in the new year with a fresh and clear mind.

I want to thank all of you who have been with me and supported me over these three years since I started this blog. Thank you for all your comments, interesting tidbits, words of encouragement and purchases of my work. Lets continue to keep this going. Happy New Year and see you in 2020. 😀

Focus For The New Year

Hope everyone had a joyful Christmas. I enjoyed the day away although I have to admit my mind was on my work, especially on what I plan to do for the coming new year. I noticed that I didn’t get as many drawings done this year. I had spent my time doing larger pieces which took longer to complete, hence the less work produced. This coming year I plan on focusing on smaller works like ACEOs. I’m challenging myself to stick with just that and creating greeting cards but I can already feel the tension rising in me because I always want to experiment or tackle something much larger than usual. So in an effort to get a jump on my new challenge I’m trying to squeeze in an ACEO or two before the year is out. I’ve been wanting to do squirrels so that’s what I’m tackling. Right now I’m working on this adorably plump Red Squirrel, well, you can’t tell it’s red since I’m working in black ink but it’s red. I’m debating though, should I leave the background bare or add something in? Suggestions are welcomed in the comments. 😊

Red Squirrel base sketch.
Squirrel with nut sketch.

Little Dahlia

Finished up this little botanical piece done on 4×4 Bristol board tile. This will probably be the last drawing I’ll be able to complete for 2019. I have other stuff in the works but they require more time than what’s left in the year so I doubt I’ll be able to squeeze anymore drawings in this year. Anyhoo, I’m still feeling a bit tuckered from the hours spent trying to get my Penguin Holidays card complete, so I’m in need of a few days rest before I get crackin’ on something new. I may not post anything before Christmas but you’ll definitely hear from me before the New Year. So, until then Merry Christmas and please don’t stress your lovely selves out this final weekend with holiday shopping. ✌❤ 😀

Penguin Holidays

Meet Winky, Sleepy and Pedro, three penguins I’ve had the pleasure of spending the weekend with to create this holiday card. I had been thinking about making some holiday cards for a while and initially I had my mind set on squirrels but then I saw a video on penguins and magically these cute little characters snuck their way into my sketchbook, then to my drawing board and then they took over my computer, cutting board and paper supplies. We’ve been up inking, scanning, measuring, cutting and gluing things together into the late hours for three nights straight. There are so many little details that go into making cards yourself that their simple appearance betrays. But we pulled it together and I now have a few sets handmade cards available in store. I hope Winky, Sleepy and Pedro come visit me sometime before Valentine’s Day. Maybe we can pull something together again. 😊

Inked drawing and lettering.

The Scarlet Macaw

A journey has finally come to an end and I’m spent. Honestly I probably wouldn’t miss it too much if I didn’t see any red ink for some years. I think I’ll be doing most of my work in just black ink for a while now. Even though this piece was a challenge, it turned out rather nicely and it’s now available in my store as a 5×7 premium digital print. It’s a limited run with only 10 available, so if you love birds or have a special bird lover in your life for whom you would like to get a little something for, be sure to take a peek at “Scarlet Macaw” in store to add a splash of art to your Christmas list. 🎅🎄😊