Your Heart Knows

Some simple words of encouragement for the day. Sometimes it’s easier to believe in the power of others than to believe in yourself but the heart has its way of quietly reminding us that there is a wisdom within all of us that will see us through if we will just trust in it. For the past three days I’ve been struggling with trusting my own vision and trusting my own heart so these were words of encouragement I definitely needed. I hope that it can be so for someone else too. 😊


“Part of being a creative artist is developing the determination to do your creative thing in spite of the fact that there will always be people out there telling you that it’s a waste of time.” ~ Drew Kimble

It’s a dull, nagging feeling that comes to me whispering “What’s the point?”. I’ve heard it from others but you’re often unprepared to deal with it when the words are being spoken from your own lips.
The vector of doubt is an insidious beast, creeping in and undermining the best of our aspirations and goals. Yet it is an undeniable part of the artist journey. Actually, doubt can be beneficial. Doubt comes from that part of us that seeks to keep us safe, to keep us from putting ourselves in any mortal danger. It rears it head and sends up an alarm when we venture off our beaten paths and into the unknown. But when not in any mortal danger, doubt can be paralyzing if left unchecked. It can choke the creative spirit and wither one’s enthusiasm. But it doesn’t have to be the death blow to one’s artistry and neither does it need to be eradicated.
I’ve come to accept that doubt is a natural part of being human and that it can serve as a reminder that I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone. When doubt rears it head, which is more often than I care for, I remind myself why it is that I create. I remember that there are things that I want to see in this world that don’t already exist and I’m therefore tasked with bringing them into existence. I remember that I have a vision that can be of inspiration to others and that to create is my way of giving back to Life for this gift of existence.
When doubt grips me and whispers “What’s the point?”, I simply turn on some music that inspires me, remind myself why I feel compelled to draw then pick up my pens and start inking.