Climate Change: A Suggestion For My Next Series

At the moment I’m currently working on an art card which I’ve affectionately titled “Death By Peonies”. This isn’t to say that will be the final title, it’s just what I’m calling it for right now. So while working on “Death By Peonies” I just got an itch to ink up this little drawing of polar bears. Nothing fancy or too involved, just a little something I was able to do in one day. I posted it on my social media accounts and got a suggestion back from one of my followers. It was suggested that since polar bears are one of the animals effected by climate change it would be a great start to a series on such animals. As someone mostly focused on nature and animal art, I can’t deny that I do have my concerns about our environment. So personally I try to do my part and be helpful by recycling, cutting back on my meat consumption, buying local produce and products, etc. I’m not a fanatic about it nor do I try to push my concerns on to others. But this suggestion is pulling a bit on my heart strings. I haven’t worked out the details but I’m now thinking about making the focus of my next series on the beautiful creatures who are being effected by climate change. So once I finish “Death By Peonies” this may be my next series. I say “may” because I try to stay away from using my art to touch upon hot button political issues and I don’t want to run the risk of being pigeonholed as a political artist but like I said, this is something that is pulling on my heart. So I have to work through that minor inner conflict before I can make a definite decision. Right now I’m at a 60% chance of doing it but I’m gonna sit with the idea for a day or two first. Feel free to share your thoughts on this suggestion for my next series or your thoughts on climate change in the comments. 😌