Fairy Gardens, I Never Knew Of Such Things

Snail and mushroom sketch in moleskine.

The rabbit holes you tumble down are numerous when it comes to the internet. It starts with one thing, that sparks an interest in another thing, that leads to another thing and before you know it, time has gotten completely away from you. For me, it begun with mushrooms, then there were snails and then I was on to lady bugs when I begun to wonder “Who could live in this world?”


Fairies that’s who. I had completely forgotten about those mythical little beings that populate the hidden world of my backyard, that was now slowly recreating itself within my imagination and quietly urging me to share my drawing table. So on I went to look up fairies.

Oh my goodness!

I didn’t know there were so many different kinds and that they take on various forms. From gnomes and sylphs to imps and brownies. As it turns out “fairy” is used more so as an umbrella term rather than a reference to any specific kind of fairy. Even elves are fairies. So Legolas is a fairy. 🙂
I went on and tumbled deeper into this magical little world only to come full stop in a fairy garden. Fairy gardens?  I never knew there was such a thing. How could I not know? As a lover of little things, herbs, plants and gardening. How could I not know about these little houses, miniature trees and dragonfly wings? Peeking out the window at my winter covered backyard, oh how now I wish this snow would quickly give way to Spring? I have a new canvas to play with.

Snow blankets my backyard.