Bumps Along The Way

“Eagle” (wip)

I was hoping to have this piece finished by now but as the saying goes, life happens. My pens dried out so I had to order more, these hives keep going away and then coming back, another loss of a relative and other pressing family needs, sometimes get in the way of being able to just sit down and draw. On the good side, with what I’ve finishes so far, I think I’m getting better at doing feathers. I see myself doing more birds in the future. 😁


Not In The Clear

Had another flare up of hives over the last 36 hours. I thought I was in the clear but I guess I’m still battling this issue. I know with care this will eventually pass but in the meantime it’s really been sapping my energy and focus so I’ve been a bit slow working on my current drawing but I have at least gotten started.
I have to admit, stippling feathers are a bit intimidating to me so I did need a day to work up my nerve. Doing drawings of animals can really stretch your skills. In one drawing you might have to figure out how to do scales and fins. Another it might be fur. Yet in another it’s feathers. I sometimes have to spend a day just looking at my base drawing and trying to figure out how am I going to attack it and then jump in and get started. Some drawings do require a lot of thought and planning before I can lay the first drop of ink. For the most part that aspect of art creation comes as second nature and is usually worked out as I’m doing my base drawing. But there are those, like with this piece, that may need an extra day or two of thought of planning or gathering of courage. 😌

Stick Figures Or Die

Here’s a little cheeky confession, my stick figure game sucks! I can’t draw good stick figures to save my life. This is an area of expertise my hubby is a master at. I still have all of his stick figure love letters from college which are so adorable and endearing. Yet when I attempt to draw something so simple my brain often grinds to a halt. You would think with the kind of art that I do I could easily whip up some amazing stick figures. NOT! I’m not that kind of artist. Nor am I the kind of artist who can just sit down and whip up a sketch of your family on the fly. I’m meticulous, precise, methodical and have a deep seated disposition for needing to take my time on a drawing. So pointillism suits me best. Anything that requires quickness and speed, that ain’t me. Even when I sketch I still take my time. Unfortunately there are people who think that if you can draw in one style or technique, you can draw in all styles and techniques. Not true, at least not for me. But it’s not uncommon for me to get requests for tattoo designs, t-shirt designs, animations, illustrations and sketches. After which I have to endure bewildering looks where I have to explain that I don’t do that kind of work. Some are persistent and will add “Well, I see that you don’t do the kind of work that I’m asking for but could you if you had to.” 😒
Anyhoo, it’s all a part of being an artist. With that said, I don’t have much further to go with finishing my current drawing. I think it is coming along fairly well so far. 😊

Catttails and Tree Frogs

With each dot of ink these little creatures get more and more adorable. Here’s a quick update on my current work in progress, which is coming along just wonderfully. I’m really loving the cattails in the back. 😊