Koi Pond Series

I’m happy to say that this little series is now complete. That do over in the beginning took some wind out of my sails but I made it through. For you lovelies who are interested this series is available in store at: www.qrumbley.com. I’m now off to fetch me some dinner and do some “clearing art” while channel surfing.  Wishing you all a lovely evening. 😊

Do Over

Okay, I’m just gonna come out and say it, any artist who works in pen and ink is insane…okay, maybe not insane but definitely a different breed. Pen and ink is an unforgiving medium. Once you lay down that first stroke, that’s it. There’s no erasing. You can try adding more ink to blend the stroke in but if it doesn’t look right you have to face the inevitable…starting over. It happens. It’s an unfortunate part that comes with the territory of being a pen and ink artist and we all encounter it at some point. The longer you work in the medium you learn ways and techniques to cover up mishaps but sometimes there’s no saving a drawing and I’m quickly learning I may be more prone to these mishaps working in color compared to just black ink. There’s just no covering up when two colors don’t work together. So I had to start over from scratch with my first drawing. Thank goodness for lightboxes which allowed for an easy transfer otherwise this series might have went from three pieces to two. I think this time I got the color worked out better. I guess sometimes it is better the second time around. 

Koi Pond WIP

I now have the lineart drawn out for what I will be calling the “Koi Pond” series. So far it looks good but what I’m a bit intimidate by is all the ink that will be required to fill in the background to give the appearance of actually being in a pond…or at least some kind of body of water. Thank goodness I have some extra pens on hand because it may take two or three to finish this series out. Wish me luck.

On another note while drawing out this series, creativity struck me and I found myself scribbling out thumbnail sketches for another three piece series. I’m pretty excited about it but I’m not going to mention much right now. What I will say is that it will be a black and white series that may prove to be the most challenging for me for what I have in mind. I’m calling it “Broken Wing” but that is all that I’m going to hint at for now. 😊