The Struggle

“Davina” (wip)

Sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle getting an idea from one’s imagination out on to paper, especially when you’re far more accustomed to using the left side of your brain to communicate ideas.
Last night I managed to scribble out a few preliminary sketches before getting some basic lines down before heading to bed. I fleshed out the rest of the drawing today with a heavy dose of cursing and mental anguish. I like for things to look exactly how I imagine them but in all honestly, I often feel like I have little control as to exactly how my drawings actually turn out when I’m drawing from my imagination. With this one I was going for something that felt ethereal but I turned out something that feels a bit more voluptuous, so I’m just rolling with it.
My first thought upon looking at the finished line work was Davina, the character from the tv show The Originals, so that’s what I decided to title this piece. I’m a bit hesitant to begin inking because, well, after the struggle, I really like this line drawing just the way it is. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel differently and will be ready to ink, today though, I’m just gonna leave it be. 😊

This Thing With Feathers

Work in progress…

Me: This is going to be fun. 😀
Alter Ego: Have you lost your damn mind? Inking those feathers is going to be hell? 😩

Somehow I always find myself gravitating towards doing something involving feathers. I wonder if that means anything. Either way, once again, I’ve got my work cut out for me. Much of this has been inspired by Japanese and Chinese paintings which I’ve always had a fondness for. In the past I’ve been curious to see if I can achieve the same sort of delicate elegance with pen and ink pointillism like that of brush painting. I guess this will be the drawing where I’ll test my curiosity.