“The parts of me that eyes can’t see,
They’re glowing underneath.
Picking off the petals,
I’ll let you if you’re gentle…”

If I haven’t mentioned it or you haven’t noticed, much of my work is inspired by music, particularly the lyrics but sometimes the music itself. Music is that one thing that gets my imagination going if I need a little jump start. So often when I’m drawing, I’m listening to music. And if I’m not listening to my own collection, I’m tuned into Pandora, which is basically the way I discover new music now a days. It is also where I first heard Alina Baraz & Galimatias. I simply fell in love with Alina’s voice and knew that I would eventually get around to doing a piece on at least one of their songs. This drawing is inspired by the song “Unfold” off the Urban Flora album. The lyrics made me think of the unfolding emotions experienced in first love, much like the blossoming of a flower yet these emotions are uncharted and new. Unknown, it’s like embarking on a journey with one’s eyes closed.

There are two more songs from the same album that inspire me so I’m in the works of pulling those together. In the meantime I’m prepping this piece for a limited run of 5×7 prints which will be coming soon. 😊

Human (wip)

Line drawing for “Human”.

“I am flesh, 


I am skin, 


I am human

…nothing more than human.” ~ Sevdaliza

Working on my first ACEO drawing of 2017, inspired by musical artist, Sevdaliza, from the song “Human”. 

Hanging On

“I just can’t keep hanging on…” ~ Active Child

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday weekend. I’m still recovering from a food hangover but I’m in good spirits.

As promised I completed my drawing “Hanging On”. This is the first piece in an on going project of drawings inspired by song lyrics. The source of inspiration for this piece comes from the song “Hanging On”, by a group called Active Child. When it comes to being inspired by song lyrics with me it’s usually either something that resonates with me on an emotional level or it’s something that sparks visual images in my head. With this particular piece, the lyric “I just can’t keep hanging on…” sparked the image of a single water droplet hanging on to a rose pedal. The rest of the lyric goes “…to you and me.” I envisioned the rose symbolizing love and the water droplet symbolizing the individual trying to hang on. Now I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to always explain my thought process behind my drawings simply because I don’t want to influence others interpretation. I want people to see the drawing, read the lyric and pull from it what resonates with them. So with that in mind from here on out I won’t explain too much in regards to what I’m trying to convey unless asked. I’m always open and eager to hear people’s interpretation, so please feel free to give your thoughts in the comments. 

If you’re interested in hearing the song you can do so here on YouTube and if you’re interested in owning “Hanging On” you can purchase it online at www.qrumbley.com 

So now, let me pull out my list of lyrics and get to “conjuring” up my next drawing. ‘Til next post, take care. ~ Q. 😊