Way Back When

Although I’ve been doing pointillism/stippling over the years since high school, I didn’t start to get serious about it until 2010. 

It started off as my way of passing the time during lunch when I was a “desk jockey”. Back then I did everything in those famous little black notebooks called Moleskines and had all the intentions of doing what I thought was a great idea; a collection of stippled art created solely inside Moleskine sketchbooks. 

As of today, despite having a slew of them, I still haven’t completed one whole sketchbook. Maybe one day I’ll pick up where I left off and complete at least one.

Anywho, instead of waiting until tomorrow to do a “throwback Thursday”, I figured I would do a “way back when” Wednesday and share some of my earlier drawings from my pure Moleskine days. 

My slew of half finished moleskine notebooks.