To The Ones I Loved


Since it’s Friday I decided to do a flashback post to all the drawings I’ve loved over this past year. Most of these pieces have moved on to their forever homes with lovely collectors but there are some that are still available. I kept it to ten because honestly I have a hard time remembering the title of most of my drawings, especially after they move on. I’m great at keeping a visual file of what I’ve done but horrible at keeping a list of their titles. So these are the one’s I actually remember, or at least I think I remember. 😌

“See You”
Soul’s Door
“Three’s Company”

Not In The Clear

Had another flare up of hives over the last 36 hours. I thought I was in the clear but I guess I’m still battling this issue. I know with care this will eventually pass but in the meantime it’s really been sapping my energy and focus so I’ve been a bit slow working on my current drawing but I have at least gotten started.
I have to admit, stippling feathers are a bit intimidating to me so I did need a day to work up my nerve. Doing drawings of animals can really stretch your skills. In one drawing you might have to figure out how to do scales and fins. Another it might be fur. Yet in another it’s feathers. I sometimes have to spend a day just looking at my base drawing and trying to figure out how am I going to attack it and then jump in and get started. Some drawings do require a lot of thought and planning before I can lay the first drop of ink. For the most part that aspect of art creation comes as second nature and is usually worked out as I’m doing my base drawing. But there are those, like with this piece, that may need an extra day or two of thought of planning or gathering of courage. 😌

Bird Of Prey

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. For the most part I did, if I over look the bout of hives I battled with for two weeks. This is the second time in six years I’ve dealt with this. They come late at night and be gone by morning. And just like the first time around, my physician couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I suspect they were triggered by too much of something in my diet since they started to flare up less when I cut back to a basic diet consisting of small meals of whole foods with no sweets, dairy or processed meats. Unfortunately that went out the window once Thanksgiving came and like clock work I was back to being covered in hives, which seemed to validate my suspicion that it’s triggered by my diet. I’m better and up to 80% functional. The past two days I’ve been catching up on sleep that I missed out on but I also managed to get the base drawing started for my next project, a beautiful bird of prey, the Eagle. ☺

Something Froggy

Sketched up something new for my drawing board. No more scary little creatures that make my skin crawl. I wanted to do something cute and was in the mood for something froggy, so here’s my work in progress. I’ve never had a frog but I’ve always found them to be adorable, particularly tree frogs. There’s something about their big eyes and padded toes that just tickle me. 😊