Soul’s Door

“Soul’s Door” by Q. Rumbley

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day. I myself have been wrapped up in pulling together some thoughtful creative gifts for my three mothers (biological, step and in-law), hence my absence over the last week. I’m pleased to say that they all enjoyed their gifts and life is back to the usual routine now. In the midst of all that I was able to finish up, what I have come to call “Soul’s Door”, with the help of a few friends. I have to say I wasn’t really sure how this was going to turn out. I still have yet to build up my confidence in stippling fur but I think I’m getting the hang of my own style in doing so. I’m on to my next piece, which will also involve fur so I’ll be getting more practice in. Soon I will no longer feel nervous about tackling Nature’s furry creatures. 😊

What’s In A Title?

work in progress

I have to confess the one aspect of creating art that gives me much anxiety, besides creating the art, is giving it a title.
On rare occasion this task comes with ease, where image, concept and suitable words come together almost magically. But more often than not the titles I come up with are inspired by songs stuck in my head. Sometimes it’s the actual title of the song or sometimes it’s a few lyrics that I particularly like. Sometimes the title or lyrics actually convey something I want to express and sometimes they don’t. Then there are times when there’s nothing I’m trying to say, nothing I’m trying to convey, where no songs are suck in my head and I find myself just sitting there, staring at my work as if it’s a rorschach test hoping that something will come to me. The good thing is that due to pointillism being such a time consuming process, I get quite a bit of time to work this out before I finish. Yet every once in a while I will get to the end of a piece and find myself at a loss of a decent title.
…I sense that this current drawing that I’m working on might turn out to be just that. Here’s to a rorschach test waiting to happen.

If My Heart Wasn’t In It

“See You” by Q. Rumbley

Have you ever enjoyed working on a piece of art so much that you end up feeling a tinge of sadness when you finally finish it? That’s how I felt after completing “See You”. I really wanted to drag it out a bit more but as an artist you learn that if you keep fiddling with your work beyond its completion you’re bound to mess it up. So I stopped. I have other drawings ready and waiting but I’m not too eager to get to them just yet. I think in some way as artists we form relationships with each piece that we make and with some of those “relationships”, finishing the work feels like going through a breakup, where need a little time to yourself before you can move on and put your heart into another piece.
I guess for the next two or three days I can turn my attention to stamp carving and work on some other projects while my heart mends. Honestly, I wish that I didn’t get so emotionally attached to my work but I think that if I didn’t I wouldn’t put as much care into it and the act of creating art wouldn’t have as much meaning to me. I probably wouldn’t even be an artist if my heart wasn’t in it. Strange how the very thing that gives me life is also the very thing that gives me pain. In the end though, there’s probably no better way. ❤

Practice, Practice, Practice

…and they ran for their lives! 😱😧

It’s official, no eraser is safe in my house. They will get sliced, diced and turned into a stamp. Although I have some Speedball Speedy carve to work with, I’ve been using erasers to do the majority of my practice work, while saving the Speedy carve for more serious projects. Working with rubber is definitely much easier than linoleum yet I’m discovering it is also much easier to over cut and mess up a design. Like most things that I do, patience is needed with this. Practice and patience has been my motto for the day. 😊

What Kind Of Artist Am I


Spring is here once again as I sit here still unable to wrap my mind around how quickly time goes by. Before long Fall will be here and then the New Year where once again I’ll be saying the same thing.
The last four months have felt kind of slow art wise. I can’t say I’ve been cranking out as much as I’d like to. The greatest obstacle to being a prolific artist is oneself. I’m not trying to suggest that one should work like a machine but neither do I want to suggest that one should ignore areas that could use improvement. I have my shortcomings and it’s almost hilarious all the hoops I jump through just to try and avoid facing them. Yet despite it all I still manage to get some work achieved. Here’s one of my quarterly art round ups that I like to do every 3-4 months to showcase what I’ve accomplished so far. I’m tackling more art featuring animals which honestly has been a bit nerve racking. Stippling fur so that it actually looks like fur is a new challenge but so far I’ve been able to manage and I intent to do more. As of now my list of subject matter includes landscapes, botanicals, portraits and animals, which leaves me wondering, what kind of artist does that make me? Some artists tend to stick to a particular subject, like some just do portraits, some just do landscapes and some just do wildlife. I seem to do a little bit of it all. Maybe it’s too early for me to settle on a particular subject. What I do know is that I tend to gravitate towards doing work that involves Nature and humans the most. Where that puts me as an artist, I have yet to figure out.

Anyhoo, here’s what I’ve managed to ink so far since December. Some of these pieces are still available in store if any of you lovely followers are interested in giving one a new home. 😊

“Red Crown Crane”
“Moon Licht”
“Southern Gorge”