Is Photorealism Art?

Kate Brinkworth

Or is it highly skilled copying?  

I’ve been wondering about this lately as I see a growing trend towards photo/hyper realistic art. The skill to draw or paint at such a level is phenomenal and inspiring but if you’re just recreating a photograph on canvas what is it that makes it artistic? Is it one’s skill in being able to reproduce realistic images in ones chosen medium or is there more to it? 

Chuck Close
Daryl Gortner
Phil Schirmer
Gottfried Helnwein

The Awe Of Ballpoint

Enam Bosokah

So, as previously mentioned I now have gotten into sketching with a ballpoint pen, which was the missing piece for me in actually enjoying sketching. Since then I’ve done some internet exploring and have come across some amazing artwork created with just a ballpoint pen. Now I’m not going to jump off of doing pointillism art and start working with just a ballpoint, that’s not going to happen. But I’m completely awe struck with what some artists can do with just a simple  pen that you can pick up in the stationary aisle at any store. 

Here are two amazing artists, Enam Bosokah and Mostafa Desha, who have created some awe inspiring, photorealistic drawings in ballpoint. (I could only find an online profile for Bosokah.)

Enam Bosokah

Mostafa Desha