“Olive” – commissioned pet portrait by Q. Rumbley.

My first pet portrait is complete and off to it lovely owner. I’m a bit sad to see it go. I really enjoyed working on this. I was a bit taken aback at how over joyed the client was at the finished piece. It can be a bit surprising when you see how much your work means to someone else but that’s one of the reasons why I create art; it’s the opportunity to bring a bit of delight and awe into someone else’s life that means a lot to me. So I’m looking forward to my next commission challenge whenever it may come. Until then I’ve got my sights on doing something for Valentine’s Day.

Pet Portrait

It’s a new year and it’s back to work. I’m starting off 2019 with my first ever commissioned pet portrait for a long time collector. I was a bit hesitant about taking this on because it’s only been within the last year that I’ve been more focused on animal and nature themed art. But a little voice inside said “You can do it.” and so, I’m doing it. 😀

Davina (wip)

I really like how the hair has turned out on this piece. It’s a bit stylized without losing too much of that realistic look. Hair is typically troublesome for me so when I can achieve an appealing look, half my battle with the drawing is won. I still have the lilies to finish but the hard part is now out of the way so I can tackle the rest with a sense of ease without all the teeth grinding I’ve been doing. 😏

The Struggle

“Davina” (wip)

Sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle getting an idea from one’s imagination out on to paper, especially when you’re far more accustomed to using the left side of your brain to communicate ideas.
Last night I managed to scribble out a few preliminary sketches before getting some basic lines down before heading to bed. I fleshed out the rest of the drawing today with a heavy dose of cursing and mental anguish. I like for things to look exactly how I imagine them but in all honestly, I often feel like I have little control as to exactly how my drawings actually turn out when I’m drawing from my imagination. With this one I was going for something that felt ethereal but I turned out something that feels a bit more voluptuous, so I’m just rolling with it.
My first thought upon looking at the finished line work was Davina, the character from the tv show The Originals, so that’s what I decided to title this piece. I’m a bit hesitant to begin inking because, well, after the struggle, I really like this line drawing just the way it is. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel differently and will be ready to ink, today though, I’m just gonna leave it be. 😊


“Moments” by Q. Rumbley

“Moments” is now complete and I’m pleased with the results since it’s been a while since I worked with a figure and used colored. So I’m happy with this one. 😊

While working on this I found myself wondering what drives me to draw especially using pointillism? For the longest I always assumed it was because, in some twisted way, I enjoyed it, I mean, some part of you has to be a little insane or off kilter to enjoy doing pointillism work…at least that’s what I like to believe. But I’ve always felt that my enjoyment of it was just a simple surface answer. There was something more to it. Upon pondering the question I realized that more was mastery. I desire mastery. Deep down I long to be good at something and drawing has been that one thing that I’m interested in enough and enjoy enough to put the time and effort into to be good at. I have difficulty imagining myself doing anything else. Even though I have skills in other things, which from time to time come in handy but I’ve never had a strong inclination to pursue them. I could have been a photographer, web programmer, graphic designer, fitness trainer, urban planner (what I eventually got my Bachelors in) or botanist, all of which I have knowledge of or experience in but they all turned out to just be interests, not passions. And that therein lied the difference for me. The desire for mastery was the difference between an interest and a passion. Granted I was interested in all of these thing but I didn’t desire to master them; to become good at them. That is essentially what drives me. And with this understanding of myself I don’t feel so guilty about all the avenues I abandoned in the past.

So the next time you find yourself torn between different interests and feel like you need to be more focused, maybe you should ask yourself “Is this something I want to spend my time and energy getting good at? Is this something I want to master?” Asking yourself that might help to narrow things down by separating those things that just stimulate your curiosity or seem cool for the time being from those things you genuinely want to dedicate yourself to and become a master at.