Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

I’ve been a bit under the weather over the past couple of weeks and therefore more focused on getting back to being healthy rather than drawing. But fortunately over the past two days I’ve been feeling better and was able to get started on a new ACEO. Gracing my drawing board today is a base sketch of an egret with cattails that I found to be a bit cute in a peculiar kinda way. A little tidbit I learned about egrets is that they are not the same as cranes, which is what I thought. Actually they’re more so a type of heron, which is another bird I thought was the same as a crane. In actuality herons and cranes are two distinct birds. I won’t get into the differences between the two but if you look at the pictures below maybe you can spot some of them.  As the saying goes, you learn something new each day. 🙂


Late Night

One day I’ll get back to going to bed before 2am. Unfortunately I tend to draw more in the late night hours. Particularly between 10pm and 2am. How I’m able to still get up by 9am is a mystery to me.
Anyhoo, my creativity got to flowing around 11pm so I’m up late working on something new. This is another drawing inspired by a song by Alina Baraz and Galimatias called “Maybe”. I had sketched this out in my sketchbook about a month ago and I’m now getting around to it. I’m pretty much winging it on this one because outside of the initial sketch, I really didn’t have a specific vision in mind for it. So lets see how this turns out.

A Little Something Blue

Grape Hyacinth (wip)

So I’ve been wanting to do something in blue. My first thought was grapes on a vine but then I thought “Aren’t those more purple than blue? From there my mind shifted to something more obvious…blueberries. Once again I thought “Would that fit into the overall theme of most of the work I do? I mean, yes, it’s botanical but how often do you see me draw fruit?” Most of my subject matter is either the female figure, the female figure with flowers or just flowers…with an insect here and there. Maybe I’ll add in other elements into the repertoire later on but for now I just wanted to do more flowers. So my choice for this piece is an ACEO drawing of Grape Hyacinth. 

I typically use blue for shadowing or the background. So this will be a first for me using it as the prominent color of a subject. One of the reasons why I’ve never used it as a prominent color is because it either reminds me of sleep (my bedroom is painted blue) or it just depresses me. But for some odd reason I just wanted to do something in blue. Maybe this little drawing will change my perspective

Spring In February

Line drawing for “Magnolia”.

It’s been unseasonably warm this winter for the Mitten state. I’m talking about 60 degrees in February warm. That’s not normal for us. Strange weather always puts me a little on edge. But despite my concern, we’ve been taking advantage of this warm weather and firing up the grill for some winter barbecue…well, minus the winter. In my house we’re always looking for an excuse to light up the pit and burn up some meat…literally. (For years I’ve been telling my husband that ‘burnt’ isn’t a flavor and for years I’ve been losing that battle.)

This absence of snow and biting chill has got me thinking that it’s Spring and I’m anxious to see the flowers bloom, especially on the Magnolia tree in front of our home, which fills the air with its soft fragrance and delights the eyes with its beautiful pink and white bloom. Unfortunately it hasn’t been doing too well over the last year and not being in any way knowledgeable about trees, I am only recently learning that it might be infested with magnolia scale. I’m currently researching more to find out what I can do to help this beauty back to health and keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll recover. So in spirit of the coming Spring and with thoughts of my Magnolia tree, I’m currently working on a piece simply called “Magnolia”.