Koi Pond WIP

I now have the lineart drawn out for what I will be calling the “Koi Pond” series. So far it looks good but what I’m a bit intimidate by is all the ink that will be required to fill in the background to give the appearance of actually being in a pond…or at least some kind of body of water. Thank goodness I have some extra pens on hand because it may take two or three to finish this series out. Wish me luck.

On another note while drawing out this series, creativity struck me and I found myself scribbling out thumbnail sketches for another three piece series. I’m pretty excited about it but I’m not going to mention much right now. What I will say is that it will be a black and white series that may prove to be the most challenging for me for what I have in mind. I’m calling it “Broken Wing” but that is all that I’m going to hint at for now. 😊 

Next Drawing Series

I took into consideration everyone’s suggestions on what I should tackle for my next series of drawing and decided to do a three piece series of Koi fish. Right now I’m thinking of calling it “Blue Pond” but that’s subject to change. Here’s a quick work in progress snapshot of my first sketch. 

Sketch for Voodoufairy IV

So the journey is drawing near to its end. I’ve completed the pencil sketch for the fourth and final drawing of my Voodoufairy ACEO series. I’m somewhat happy and yet a little sad. I’m happy because I’ve proven to myself that I’m capable of completing a series. I have never done a series before but have often read in many art circles that series are more appealing to collectors. I don’t know how true that is but the challenge of doing this project has given me confidence that I can do it again. I’m a little sad because this series is based off of the model and designer Manaka, who quite honestly is my artistic Muse. I could create art based upon this beautiful lady indefinitely but I don’t want to bore people so I’ve limited my enthusiasm and admiration to four drawings. I only now wonder what next to tackle.

No Pens Today



It’s been a peaceful day. Got up early and repotted my jalapeno plants. This is my first attempt at doing jalapenos but my second at trying to do hot peppers. (First time didn’t turn out so good.) Then I made homemade granola. It’s almost all gone now because it’s been years since I’ve enjoyed a bowl of cold cereal. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner but now that I have, I’m like a little kid again and I can’t stop eating the stuff. I’m sure I’ll pay for it later. All that fiber coupled with a stomach that doesn’t care too much for milk in any form is definitely a recipe for disaster.
After breakfast I retreated into the simplicity of line drawing. It’s the foundation of all my ink work but often times I enjoy it just as much and sometimes more than stippling/pointillism.
I laid out the line work for my third drawing of my Voodoufairy series. After which I felt like doing some more, so I grabbed my Moleskine and drew up this closed lotus flower.
Tomorrow I’ll bring out my pens but today I’m in the mood only for some graphite.