I’ve been thinking about the consistency of my work lately and although I still feel that I have a ways to go to having a consistent body of work, I’m seeing certain reoccurring themes and style in my drawings, particularly the female form, floral elements and things with wings with a subtle hint of surrealism here and there. I see that I’m particularly drawn to trying to express a certain softness and elegance with natural beauty, while trying to capture delicate details and subtle emotions. I suspect this trajectory I’m on in my work is partially influenced by the aesthetics and philosophy of Eastern cultures in my life, particularly Chinese and Japanese.

As I progress I realize I want my art to exhibit more than just my skills in pointillism. I recently had the pleasure of having a friend express to me that my drawing “Unfold” made her feel some sort of way. That’s when it clicked in me that that was what I wanted; people to feel some sort of way when they view my work. I understand that I may not be able to do that with every drawing because some pieces I do for the pleasure of an artistic challenge rather than effect. But if I can move some people some of the time with what I create, I’ll feel I’m moving in the right direction towards my goal of creating things that are a bit more moving.

The Perfect Fit

Dahlia (wip)

I’ve been feeling a bit constrained by the size of the artist cards I’ve been doing. So lately I’ve been mulling over doing larger pieces. In the past I’ve done 9×12, 8×10 and 8×6, all of which are small pieces in the art world but when you’re doing pointillism with .20mm nibs, it can feel like your trying to draw a picture as large as your living room. It’s tedious and slow work. I don’t want to take forever just to finish one piece and for some time artist cards have worked tremendously well…until now. I want a little more room. So last night I dusted off my trusty cutting board and got to slicing up some drawing paper to find the perfect size. I’ve already determined that anything over 8×6 is a bit exasperating for my patience. 2.5×3.5 is the smallest I can go. I tried a 5×7 but that still seemed a bit too much. Then I tried a 4×6 and that fit just perfectly. So here’s my latest drawing that I’m working on called “Dahlia” on 4×6 Bristol board.