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Question: for those of you who are artists, do you have business cards? If so, when you hand them out or when someone asks you for your card, do people eventually contact you or connect with you via your website/social media listed on the card? Or are you finding that having business cards isn’t essential?

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  1. I would go around to you’re local Shop N Stop scene and become familiar with that scene, not sure you’re location but up here behind the Redwood curtain in Northern Cali… Local shops lookout for local artists, as they believe in a self sustained economy. Despite outside interests. As talented artist as yourself, you’re vistaprint card would be blown up to Art Gallery dates in no time. Besides the years of dedication you put into you’re craft. Not Sure if this was the type of answer you were looking for / Didnt already know. Or if it even applies to you’re local economy’s ‘set up’. But it was evoked by you’re question so I put my two cents in… First time visit, follow button clicked and clacked lxl Have a wonderful week, month and life. One 1ove

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  2. I have never found business cards useful. I do graphic design for a printing company and some freelance on the side, and people almost exclusively contact me via email or social media. I have handed out three business cards in eight years.


    1. I’ve had business cards for five years and I’ve only been asked for them four times. People usually ask me if I’m on Facebook, Instagram or just ask if I have a web address. At this point, because I have a web presence, people can just Google my social media handle or my name and it will pull up my website along with all my social media profiles. So I’m really beginning to wonder if having a business card even necessary.


  3. I used to think about having some made, but I thought that it would seem too ‘straight’ if you get me. I think it’s probably better to build up your contacts first and try to stay in touch with them personally, then if there seems to be continued interest from their own friends and colleagues, that’s the time to take it further with something like cards. (So when someone says “so and so told me about your art” you then pull out a card and give it to them, with a bit of a chat with them as well.) But may I suggest if you’re going to go that route, to do something original, for instance get some printed with your own designs on them, or even have many different designs. I don’t know if they have an outlet there in the ‘States, but in the UK there’s a printing company called MOO that offers multiple designs in one pack. If not MOO, then something similar.

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    1. I have some that I designed myself through Vistaprint but I only hand them out when people ask for them and people only ask for them when someone they know mentions my work to them.

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