“Everything you do won’t turn out to be a masterpiece.” That’s something I would tell to someone just beginning or well seasoned in making art. No matter how far along you get in your craft, some pieces just won’t turn out the way you imagined.

So here I’ve finished my honeybee drawing but I have to admit it’s not one of my better pieces. Halfway through I just got that feeling “Oh this is not going to be all that great.” This usually happens when my mind is elsewhere like on other ideas or when I get so wrapped up in trying to add in every detail to make things look as realistic as possible that it causes me anxiety. The latter was more or less the case with this piece. When I stray away from keeping a simplistic focus and start thinking “I gotta make this look like a bee.” my flow goes off course and I find myself just struggling to finish. Sometimes I can readjust and pull things off, sometimes I can’t. I’ve learned that my moments of artistic mastery don’t always flow in a linear fashion, where each piece is better than the one before. Instead it flows in a rather cyclical fashion. I’ll have periods where everything turns out great and then I’ll have moments where things are hit and miss. The key is to remember this and continue to work. So with that said I’m moving on to my next and final piece of my “Share The Earth” series which will be what many of you suggested, an elephant. 😊

“Honeybee” by Q. Rumbley

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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