“Rise” – Dark Wing series

Well, here it is, “Rise”, the first completed drawing for my Dark Wing series. When I started this series I really had no idea how this was going to pan out. I mulled over what colors to use without full confidence on how they would work. From the completion of this one, I think it turned out pretty good. I have to admit though, I originally thought about going with a green background instead of blue. I’m glad I didn’t. I initially wanted to ink some of the feathers in red so the thought of a green background had me concerned that the drawing would end having that Christmasy (is that even a word) feeling, you know, green and red…Christmas colors. Anywho, the blue seems to fit better to me, although the red, blue and white now makes me think of Captain America. Smh. Oh well. I’m still working on titles for the next drawings but I’m sure they’ll come to me while I’m working on them. Stay tuned to see how they turn out. 😊

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Pen and ink artist inspired by Nature, Beauty, Spirit and Song.

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